About Us

“For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not understand, no explanation is possible.”

 We are a small group who have all been affected by the loss of a baby, either our own baby, a grandchild or a close family member. Whilst our circumstances may be very different, we share in common one thing that we wish we did not. The loss of a very precious child. Grief can be a lonely place to be and it’s often difficult to describe the devastating emotions that follow. You don’t need to be alone. HUGS has been set up to offer comfort to bereaved parents through Help, Understanding, Guidance and Support. We offer a range of services. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help.

You can find our stories about our precious children below.

Beckie Pountney

Beckie Pountney


I’m Bex, I’m married and I have a lovely Daughter who was looking forward to being a big sister. My second pregnancy was different to my first in every way possible. In my first I was a picture of health. No problems at all. My second however, morning sickness from the start, hip pain that meant I couldn’t walk far towards the end (thank goodness for online shopping) my tummy muscles tore giving me very little support and was very uncomfortable but baby Charlotte was ok so that was fine. Until I haemorrhaged at home that was. I stood up from the sofa and thought my waters had gone but it wasn’t water. My hubby was at work, and 45 minutes away, I was scared, I called an ambulance, my mum came to look after my little girl and off I went to hospital, I was unaware at that point that my baby had passed. I thought I would be whisked down for a c section, but I wasn’t. They took me to a room to scan me. They already knew. My hubby had caught up with us at this point. They scanned, and scanned, no movement, “come Charlotte, where are you” I actually said it loud, as the reality started to sink in. They went to get a Dr. I knew. Then the words came.

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“I’m so sorry, there’s no heartbeat” Charlotte May was born 20th June 2014 weighing 8lbs 1 1/2 oz. She was perfect in every single way except she wasn’t crying. We kept her with us over night, I couldn’t stop staring at her, picking her up and cuddling her. She looked like she was breathing but she wasn’t. We said our goodbyes and we watched our baby leave the room. The last few years have been tough but it has been easier with with the love and support from my friends from HUGS. We talk, we laugh, we cry but mostly we support each other and we are here for you. Everyones story is different but we all have one thing in common. XxX
Barbara Nash

Barbara Nash


Our precious baby daughter Melissa was born eight weeks premature weighing around 1.5 kg and had 5 hours of surgery on the day she was born. She underwent so much in her short life, but was a true fighter. However, at 5 weeks old, the consultant told us that, apart from all her other ailments, they had found a large hole in her heart, her lungs were full of fluid and she wasn’t responding to treatment. She was dying. At that moment our world fell apart! Nobody should ever have to go through the pain and suffering that we went through at that time. Having to go home and tell our two year old daughter that the little sister she’d been so looking forward to meeting, was never coming home was soul destroying.
We had so much help and support from family and friends, but there was no one who knew from bitter experience exactly what we were going through. No one to talk to who could really empathise. We went on to have a beautiful baby boy and, of course. love and cherish both our children, but there has always been (and always will be) a hole in our family which can never be filled.

Over thirty years later and after the loss of a good friends baby, I realised that my experience could help me to support other families going through their own personal grief., hence my personal commitment to ‘HUGS’.

Marjorie Gallis

Marjorie Gallis


Our Granddaughter Charlotte May was born sleeping in June 2014 weighing 8lbs 1 1/2 oz. Perfect in every way. We were able to cuddle and love Charlotte but we never heard her cry. We looked at our beautiful granddaughter hoping she would open her eyes and cry, this was not to be.

No Mum & Dad should have to watch their Daughter and Son in law go through the heartache they had to endure, trying to comfort their other daughter and trying to get life back to normal but carrying such huge pain instead of their newborn baby, and we couldn’t really help.

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think or talk about Charlotte May, wondering what she would be like now. Birthdays and christmas are painful not being able to see her excited and opening her presents with her sister.

Bex & Dave received a memory box which enabled them to make beautiful precious memories of Charlotte May which they treasure so much. Although I can never take away other families pain , I thought I could help by becoming a trustee of hugs and take an active role in fundraising and knitting co-ordinator to help other families make precious memories.

Belinda Didlick


I have become a trustee of hugs and whilst I can’t begin to imagine the heartache of losing a baby I’ve seen the sadness and affect it has on families. My sister in law Sue lost her beautiful baby boy James on the 12th april 2003 and I know how heart breaking it was for her and the rest of the family and how every birthday or milestone that should have been reached brings it all back. So when I was asked if I would help in making some blankets for the memory boxes i was only too pleased to help and often think of James whilst making them. I hope that my contribution gives comfort in some small way at a very difficult time.

Debbie L'Herroux

Founder Chairwoman


Our very grateful thanks go to Deb our founder chairwoman. After experiencing the devastating loss of her baby boy Isaac, Deb was instrumental in setting up HUGS and was also responsible for our beautiful name. Thank you, Deb, for all your hard work and commitment.