‘Sometimes you just need to weep and that is ok’


Our support groups

You and your family are likely to experience a variety of emotions during your journey- from utter despair and disbelief to anger, jealousy and loneliness. The loss of a precious baby can, and undoubtedly does, affect all members of the family and in many different ways.

We endeavour to support everyone- from parents to grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles etc in a way which suits them. We all deal with our emotions in varying ways and with this in mind we aim to offer the support which most suits the needs of the individual. In the early days you may just want someone to talk to, someone who has been there. Someone who can understand and empathise with your feelings, someone who you can talk openly and honestly with without feeling guilty for how you feel or without feeling that you are going mad.

With this in mind we offer one to one support via phone or email. We also offer online support via our private Facebook groups. For some, small, informal group sessions allow you the opportunity to talk to a group of others with a range of differing circumstances- this can be useful in allowing you to meet people at different stages of the journey.

We also arrange fun ‘social’ events where families going though/having been through similar situations can meet and chat if they so wish over a cuppa and cake or a bbq in the summer. These events allow families to meet in a safe environment and is a lovely opportunity for children who have experienced a loss to meet and play with one another At HUGS we offer support for all stages of loss and for those fortunate enough to find themselves trying/expecting again we also offer our Pregnancy After Loss and Angels and Rainbows sessions.

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