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We are so sorry that you find yourself looking at our website. Losing a baby at any stage of pregnancy or after birth is totally devastating- we know, as we too have unfortunately been there. Our deepest sympathies are with you and your family. The weeks, months and even years following the loss of your precious little one can be daunting and empty. But please know that you are not alone. We offer to provide a range of services to try to help make the journey a little easier for all.

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A very precious life has been lost

A parents grief following the loss of a baby must never be underestimated, nor given a timetable. The feelings experienced can be overwhelming and some of those feelings often unexpected. When an older person dies, there are many memories of that person that can be shared with family members and friends. Whilst very painful to begin with, these memories can go on to bring comfort at difficult times. When a baby dies, these memories to share and bring comfort are not there, however a most precious, loved and longed for life has been lost. Instead, parents are faced with a lifetime of grief for all of the should be’s and the life with their child that they had so lovingly planned for and dreamed of………….keep reading